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The name LaMosca refers to the classic Italian serve of Sambuca with 3 coffee beans (which signify heath, happiness and prosperity) called 'Sambuca Con La Mosca' - 'Sambuca with the fly'. LaMosca is made using an original authetic italian Sambuca recipe bu Casoni, who have been producing quality Italian Liqueurs since 1814. Few companies in Italy can boast such wealth of knowledge and tradition in liqueur production as that which Casoni has built up in its almost 200 years of history. The company’s constant growth has been favoured by its great passion for tradition and rigorous focus on quality, as demonstrated by numerous international awards. The overal aim of LaMosca is to provide an infusion of herbs and fruits for the creation of totally natural liqueurs, the focus has always been to provide consumers with genuine, natural products at a consistently high quality in order to guarantee long-term satisfaction. 

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