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Stükaberg is a smooth tasting schnapps drink flavoured with herbs and spices and carefully crafted to be drank ice cold as a short or with energy mixers.

Stükaberg was the slang term for a German airbase hidden deep in the Bavarian mountains that was home to the German dive bomber training corps. The base was a hive of activity, full of young pilots desperately wanting to prove themselves in combat.

 These men trained hard and played even harder, and letting

off steam after a training sortie was both customary and

legendary. Herbal Schnapps was the drink of choice and the

traditional German toast of ‘Prost’ was the cry followed by

slamming the glass down on the bartop. Today, Stükaberg is

a symbol of the unity and friendship of these young men. 

A readiness to meet challenges head on together….

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